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My mail from East-Africa (2)

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This is the second e-mail from East Africa sent from Nairobi  

The means of communication during travel is e-mail, even in East Africa


This is message number 2 from Africa, This time I'm in Nairobi (Kenya) and everything is fine, Had a long boring Sunday yesterday, everything was closed here and trip has ended. Today I booked my last safari to the Masai mara (an national park here) and I will be there for the next three days before I go home on Saturday. Zanzibar was a lot of sun and my skin is colored well. The old town is nice but a little bit rundown.

We left Zanzibar on the evening ferry and that was really rocky and people got sick. After the ferry we had a long drive to Arusha. At Arusha it was my time to be sick. But it was only a minor thing, I probably drank an overdate Coca Cola (Of all sure things !). But
anyway the fear of malaria is there and you have to be careful.

But the next day we went to the Ngorogoro Crater and it was a really beautiful spot. Inside an old vulcano and there is a salt lake there. There are not may trees so you could see a lot off animals. In the lake there were flamingo's and we saw a lot of wildebeast, zebra's and buffalo's. A couple of lion's enjoying their sleep and last but not least and while a was out off film :( a rhino and baby.

So a lot and after that we went to Kenya and their the Overland tour ended and I'm surviving in Nairobi.


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