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last updated: 04 august 2000

This is a homepage of a traveler  Items

It contains pictures of the travels I made to the USA, China, Peru, Bolivia, Patagonia (Argentina and Chile), Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe & Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya) a ski trip to France and hiking trips to Basque region and Andalucia in Spain and Western Cape province in South Africa. The experience and information about the countries can be found in the page's with background information called 'Further on the road'. You find standard background info (from my own experience and so special useful for Dutch travelers and information found on the Internet) and for people that want to hike you can find hiking (trail) reviews.

My next trip will be in august and has Indonesia as destination. 


Pictures and travel stories. 

I'm just back from Patagonia and here are the pictures of the Argentina and Chile

An new photogallery is made with Flash 4


Hiking around the world. 

Added a review of the hikes in Argentina

Now added the next parts review of the project to walk the whole Floris V-pad and the pictures


Travel to 

Bolivia Peru Chile
Bolivia Peru  Argentina Chile
China Second page with pictures from China South Africa USA
China South Africa USA
France (Serre Chevalier) My own home Spain (Basque region) Spain (Andalucia)
France The Netherlands Basque region Spain Andalucia Spain
Zambia (& Zimbabwe) Malawi faces of Zanzibar Tanzania
Zambia & zimbabwe  Malawi Zanzibar Tanzania

Furhter on the road 

backround info on Malawi is added


These pages take some while to load because of the photographs, to have a quick look use the photo gallery 

Further on the road 

Further on the road (links) Background info Airline (links) Country (links) Hiking Photo gallery  
Links Back ground info Airline links Country links Hiking trail reviews Photo Gallery Flash Gallery
Canon EOS500N
All photographs on this side 
(c) Martijn Moser 1992-2000 

This site
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