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Travel to Tanzania

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view of the sun in the evening

Across the border  

We camped in the wild just a few hours after we crossed the border into Tanzania and this picture reminds me off the song from Paul Simon 'under african skies'


After the long ride to Dar el salam and our stay in Zanzibar we went to Arusha near Mount Kilamajaro (no clear sky so no clear picture) and some of the great national parks. We visited the Ngorongoro Crater

Flamingos in the crater
Just a few shots of the many animals that were so close by


A maasai village with curious childeren that were fasinated by our watches and cameras



(c) Martijn Moser, Amsterdam 1997-2001
updated: februari 18, 2001. Next country on the overland-trip
Canon EOS500N