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Further on the road (links)

Martijn's homepage

A road on 3500m in the Andes


Travel guide:


Lonely planet  Centers for disease control and prevention
The rough guide oapucolo.gif (3645 bytes) Altitude sickness and other helpfull info
preslogs2.gif (4020 bytes) World Travel Guide

Reports Travel guides & stories Travel experciences

Travelagent (Dutch)

Ashraf  l-op.gif (531 bytes) the 'Op Pad' magazine
snp_sma3.gif (601 bytes) SNP thebackpacker.gif (2800 bytes) The Backpacker

Gear & clothes

footer.jpg (3043 bytes) Nomad travlangworld.gif (5357 bytes) Travlang (language)

Travlang currency converter



for dutch travelers


Buiten landse zaken

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