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Travel to Bolivia

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Waiting in Copacabana


We went to Bolivia from Peru and crossed the border in Copacabana, and like everybody crossing borders means waiting changing buses and accumulate to a different country

Tiahuanaco head in the wall 


The Tiahuanaco's are regarded as the ancestors of the mighty Inca's and here are some beautiful remains of their culture

La Paz Plaza Murillo with good weather

La Paz

Plaza Murillo

La paz wasn't a pleasant stay, although this picture tells a different story it rained most of the time (actually this was the only opportunity to shoot a picture). Besides the rain it was cold that high in the Andes and to make things worse the electric power was suddenly gone and stayed away for most of the time. But to be honest La Paz deserves more credit ...

La Paz

by night, 

viewed from the cafe at Hotel Presidente

To get away of all the trouble at night we went to the bar in the top of the five start hotel 'Presidente' in the center of town and with a to expensive softdrink in my hand, I enjoyed the beautiful view of the big city around me

La Paz by night


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