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Travel to Spain

Basque region

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The trip to the basque region was mostly about hiking in a few of the mountain ranges that are to be found in the north of Spain


plateau near Aranzazu

the mountains are for a great part made of limestone and rain and ice made those mountains look like old ladies with big wrinkles. from far it looks like they are constantly covered with snow but actually it is the gray of the limestone (like the gray hair of those respected old ladies)


Top at 1550 m

The Aitzkorri is a mountain range that encloses the plateau of Urbia. On top you can see the different landscapes on both sides


Aitzkorri the cross


the cross

Nacedero de Urbasa

This waterfall is the end of the journey from the water that comes from the plateau above. ;




Puente la Reina

This bridge is a point where to different routes of the 'camino de Santigo' merges and go together to the pilgrims point in Santiago de compostella

Puente la reina
Sierra abodi

Sierra de Abodi

near Ochagavia


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