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Travel the World 

Martijn's homepage

This is me, somewhere in the Andes

This is a homepage of a traveler

It contains pictures of the travels I made to the USA, China, Peru, Bolivia and a ski trip to France. The experience and information about the countries can be found in the page's with background information called 'Further on the road'. You find standard background info (from my own experience and so special useful for Dutch travelers and peolpe that want to hike) and information found on the Internet.

Travel to

Bolivia Bolivia China China My own home Amsterdam
Peru Peru Second page with pictures from China China Second page France (Serre Chevalier) France

These pages take some while to load because of the photographs, to have a quick look use the photo gallery

Further on the road

Further on the road (links) Links Background info Background info Photo gallery Photo Gallery
 Airline (links) Airline links Country (links) Country links Hiking Hiking experience

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All photographs on this sideCanon EOS500N
(c) Martijn Moser 1992-1998

(c) Martijn Moser, Amsterdam 1997-98
updated: juli 23, 1998.