Michael Palin has been travelling around the globe for various series on the BBC

He tried to complete a full circle around the pacific ocean in my favourite series `Full Circle´

As I discovered that we have traveled some of the same parts and here is the footsteps I traced in my travels of his journey So this is my ´Circle´ and I will complete it over time to visit the same countries, as he did but not in the 245 days in a row that Palin travelled!

Palin started on Little Diomede a small island in the bearing strait between Alaska and Russia. He travel via Russia to (South) Korea to Japan. I pick up his trail when he travels trough China. He travels further to Vietnam, Philippines via Malaysia to Indonesia the homeland of my wife. Palin moves on to cross Australia and via New Zealand goes to south America. I pick up his trail from the south of Chile and with a missing link catch up in La Paz in Bolivia where i follow his tracks into Peru. From the rainforest of Peru palin moves on to Colombia and makes a flight to Mexico. I join his route from the border town of Tijuana into the United States all along the coast of California. To complete his circle Palin moves into Canada and further into Alaska to be stranded 25 miles of Little Diomede..

You can see my photos of the parts i already travelled and can see in detail info on his trip on the real Palin´s travel site

Full Circle - China - Indonesia - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - USA

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