My trip to Patagonia (2000) started in Buenos Aires in Argentina and from tierra del fuego when I crossed into Chile I found Michael's tracks. I followed his tracks all the way up to Santiago

Michael Landed with the help of the Chilean navy on the most southern part and I came in from ´Tierra del Fuego´

The inhabitants of the coast near Punta Arenas
The splendid view in Torres del paine

Michael and me followed the same route to the north along the beautiful national parque of Torre del Paine and more north to Castro on Chiloe

The colorful houses of Chiloe

Our routes part again in the Capital Santiago and Valparisowhere I went on to Brazil while Michael traveled further north to Bolivia where I join his route again and we traveled along the same route

Michael traveled in Chile along the following route:

from day 156 until 170

Full Circle - China - Indonesia - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - USA

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