Michael went from Copacabana in Bolivia along lake Titicaca to Puno in Peru.

In 1997 this was also the route we took back from La Paz to Peru

The people of the lake

Just like Michael we took the train through the high Andes to go to Cuzco the city with the many old remains of the Inca time

From Cuzco we made a trip to walk the inca trail to see Machu picchu a magnificant walk and view

the foto from Machu Picchu is unique because of the recent fire the mountain in theback ground is black! Michael visisted Machu Picchu aswell

The famous view of the lost city

Our route split from here because Michael went more inward to follow the Urubamba riber, while we flew back to Lima

Michael traveled in Peru along the following route:

from day 184 until 191

Full Circle - China - Indonesia - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - USA

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