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Zhang Jia Jie national park  

National park

Zhang Jia Jie

In the national park of Zhang Jia Jie we hiked for a couple of days. The park is very mysterious because of the straight high pillars that look like they have been push from the earth and the mist that surrounds them.


Near Longshen are some of the most beautiful rice-terraces from China. It is a southern part of China and you can see some of the minorities that live there. On this particular mountain there were two different tribes

Beautiful rice terrace near Longshen
Strange mountains with more strange names near Yangshuo  

Lijiang river


Most backpack travelers that visit China come to Yangshou. This means that you can get some 'western' food etc. That is nice for a change (after 4 weeks of rice one graves for a pancake) But why you should see Yangshou is for the beautiful oddly shaped mountains with even more exotic names like 'eight supernaturals crossing the river' or 'Yellow cloth in the river'



Hong Kong, meet the fat chinees


Hong Kong (1995)

At the end of my journey of a month across China I came to Hong Kong (British at the time) and although most people find it a strange busy town, the comfort of English streetnames and the Mac Donalds made it a relaxing city that had the fine mix of China and the west that I needed before I went home

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