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The second part of the travel through Patagonia

We traveled up again from Tierra del Feugo on the Argentinian side to Santiago


Punta Arenas

The penguin colony near



Torres del Paine 

National park with a view on a few of the mainy torres. We hiked for a few days through this park




(Isla Grande de Chiloe) This island is famous for it's rain but when we visted the sun was shining on this beautiful church made of wood




(Isla grande de Chiloe)

The bright colors and wooden plated house and palafitos



Puerto Montt 

The coast of Chile consist of many islands and waters so a lot of fish to be sold


Parque nacional Puyehue 

The last park we visted and we hike all the way up to the rim of the vulcano and where fortunated to have a clear day to see all the tops around us





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