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This page is to submit your page with Hiking reviews to the
'Hiking Reviews WebRing'
WebRingHiking Review WebRing
I started to make reviews of hiking trails and hikes I made around the world to help other hikers and to make people enthusiastic about those hikes.Because most of them are very beautiful and worth doing.
I invite all people that feel the same and want to share it to sent me his/her reviews. I will publish them on my page. But because I'm not the only one that had that idea and other people like to make and give reviews. I started this WebRing to give a look at the different review pages

To be a chain in this ring your page has to fulfill the following criteria:

  • It has to have original review(s) (not links) that either tell a hikers story to make others enthusiastic or have helpful tips
  • Has the HTML-code on it that is given here.
  • Is available in English



The HTML CODE for your page:

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