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Curriculum vitae

Personal info

Name: Martijn Moser

Lives in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

And was born in Leiden in 1970




Highschool in Heerenveen and graduated in 1988.

College (Hanzehogeschool) from 1988 - 1992 in Groningen,

Majored in Business Information technology, a focus on System development and Information management and did an internship to set up different financial and administrative systems with a project bureau (Frieslandhal) that organized events.

A second study at the university, the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, from 1992 - 1995, at the economics faculty, Majored in Business economics (an MBA) with an specialization in Management en Organization, a focus on Strategy, Organizational structure and Change management. With my thesis I wanted to make a bridge between the two different studies and it focused on the change management with the introduction of an integrated information technology solution within (small) businesses.

Working career

During my second study (1993 1995) I worked part-time as a consultant for Damen shipyards in Hoogezand. I implemented purchase- and financial systems and also a CAD system. I also helped on shaping the internal organization on IT.

After graduation I moved to Amsterdam and started working for ABN AMRO Bank (1995 - 1999). I worked at the IT development department which supported the Finance and Control department of the Bank. I was involved in setting up a datawarehouse system with all the financial data that is needed to report internal (management accounting) and external (for instance to the central bank). I worked as a developer, (functional) designer and team leader for the datawarehouse itself as well as for a special developed COBOL generator.

In 1999 I started working for MeesPierson (Fortis Bank) as an IT Business consultant of the IT strategy and account management department. Which is the intermediate between the business and the rest of IT. We help in starting up projects and consult on IT strategy. At the moment I service the Business lines Information bank mainly Global Custody Management and Private Bank and Trust.

IT knowledge

During the training in college and my first year with ABN AMRO bank I accumulated knowledge and experience about software engineering and designing. This was on the PC platform with most popular tools (dBase, FoxPro, Basic, Pascal) in the mainframe environment (COBOL, IMS, DB2), client server (like Oracle) and in the Internet environment (Lotus, HTML etc.). In designing in the traditional ISAC, DataFlow etc. but also in Object orientation and using RAD.

As a consultant I don't practice in detail the designing and engineering part but do have to consult and be a sparing partner of those designers, architects and engineers.

Future I like to expand my business knowledge with an focus on finance and more international orientated, being an intermediate between IT and business as a consultant for strategic issues. Gradually growing into a Chief information Officer.


I like to Travel around the world and have been outside Europe to (South) America, Africa and to China. I also like endurance sports and like to hike. So I try to combine the travels with hiking in the mountains. Both are described and illustrated with pictures on my own website.